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vehicle diagnostics

About Our Diagnostics

Our comprehensive range of vehicle Diagnostic equipment covers a vast range of car manufacturers. Technicians of today are faced with increasing technology and complexity every time repairs or services are carried out on a customer's car. Diagnostics can help show problems with the car's engine, transmission, exhaust system, brakes, and all other major components. As well as performance issues with the fuel injectors, air flow, coolant, ignition and throttle issues plus much more.

Most modern performance and general cars have hundreds of potential error codes. Only specialist professional diagnostic equipment can read, compute and diagnose the fault codes the vehicles are displaying, ensuring our technicians have as much information as any main dealer centre. This gives us the ability to offer a full diagnostic service at the highest possible standard to help fix any issues on your performance or general vehicle. Though we must add that where possible, a physical inspection of the vehicle to confirm the part highlighted by the systems is the offending part

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